RGSL Web Site Help

Web Site Help

Instructions are in the Handout section in the Announcement Area. Click the following link.
Web Site Instructions

  1. Problem: Web site cannot be accessed.


Solution:  Try each of the web site addresses listed below.           





  1. Problem: Documents or Maps do not appear when clicked on.


Solution:  If you have advertisement blocking enabled in your internet security software, try changing the settings to allow pop-up windows.


If you are using Norton Internet Security, click on the globe icon and turn off ad blocking.


To determine if your internet security is causing the problem, temporarily turn it off and click on the links again.  If they work with your internet security turned off, you will need to change some settings in your internet security application. 


  1. Problem:  Documents opened using Acrobat reader are unreadable or have errors.


Solution:  Try downloading the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html


  1. Problem:  File downloads do not work with Internet Explorer


Solution:  Try changing your browser download settings.


Select tools.

Select internet options.

Click security.

Click custom level.

Scroll down until you find the downloads section. 

Enable prompt for download and enable file downloads. 



  1. Email information about all other problems to RuralGirlsSoftball@gmail.com